About Us

The Nigerian Institution of Power Engineers (NIPE) is a division (an ARM) of the Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE). It is the specialized institution for body of Engineers in the Nigerian Power Industry. NIPE as an Institution has the onerous mandate to professionally drive the Nigerian Power sector through the articulation and synthesis of the knowledge of ALL Power Engineers undertaken through Technical interactions on Power Engineering & Management challenges as part of the institution’s efforts towards the realization of the “Nigerian Power Project.”

The Institution, NIPE is one of the over twenty (20) innate specialist Institutions embedded in the Electrical Engineering Science as taught in schools. Professional Practice of Electrical Engineering is as varied as mankind needs today; Electronics, Aeronautics, Telecommunication, Electrical Design & Wiring services (Buildings) Radio & Television, Avionics, Software and Networking, Instrumentation, Computer Engineering, Power, electrical & electronics (Academics/Research Institutions), etc. Each of these specialist practice area have or in some instances interrelates with other disciplines to create new Professional practice areas. Typical examples are Medical engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Mechatronics, etc. 

The Nigerian Institutions of Power Engineers intends to be the bedrock for the Power industry and serve as the driving force that will help navigate the derailed ship (Power industry) safely back to dock. We will partner, collaborate, provide expertise and advisory services to necessitous stakeholders and government at all levels. A cursory look at our motto, vision & mission statement will tell the remaining story of what the Nigerian Institution of Power Engineers (NIPE) Promises to be.


National Chairman.

Who We Are?

WHO ARE WE & WHAT WE DO ? NIPE is the umbrella organization of Power engineering practitioners in Nigeria NIPE is Nigeria’s Professional body for Power Engineers, which makes us a team of people dedicated to building a strong Engineering profession that NIGERIANS have confidence in and can indeed trust. With a number of Membership …