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Who We Are?


NIPE is the umbrella organization of Power engineering practitioners in Nigeria

NIPE is Nigeria’s Professional body for Power Engineers, which makes us a team of people dedicated to building a strong Engineering profession that NIGERIANS have confidence in and can indeed trust.

With a number of Membership categories, we welcome Engineers from all disciplines and at any stage in their careers – Student (SIWES, IT), Graduate, Associate, Professional (Member) or Fellow. It’s our goal to always represent the best interests of our Members and to help create a community of learning, collaboration and support. If you have an active interest in Power Engineering Practice, we have a Membership class for you too.

How does NIPE (IPEN) represent Electric Power Engineers?

There’s so many things we do as the key organisation supporting the Nigerian Power Engineering profession and the industry. Here’s a quick overview:

  • Promoting the industry:encouraging people to choose engineering as a career, and advocating on behalf of our Members
  • Upholding professional standards:maintaining a code of ethics and championing professionalism in the industry
  • Managing competence standards:setting ​standards, performing assessments and maintaining a register of currently competent Engineers
  • Providing advice on engineering matters:we’re the expert voice, advising Members, employers, the public and government 
  • Supporting professional development:we offer training opportunities tailored to the needs of engineers, and support engineers as they work towards registration
  • Facilitating global mobility:we accredit engineering qualifications (In partnership with NSE/COREN) to internationally-benchmarked standards, making it easier to find work as experts in the power (Electricity) industry or overseas 
  • Encouraging Members to give back to the profession:by helping each other we can create a more cohesive and supportive industry 
  • Sharing engineering knowledge:including reporting on news and events, promoting best practice, seeking Member opinion through regular forums and working groups, and promoting targeted information from engineering interest groups
  • Helping our Members connect and celebrate achievement: facilitating networking events and awards for our professional Members, and giving students and graduates support and networking opportunities through our “Fellowship Conferment”, “Power Icon”, “Hall of Fame” and “Young Genius” programmes.


Summarily, our major Areas of interest:

Membership mobilisation, Advocacy watch, Advisory services, Product endorsement, Training and Continuous Human capacity development, Power Summit and Conferences, professional collaborations with International Affiliates, Accreditation and partnering with Power firms, etc.