Fellow Membership of NIPE is opened to all engineering professional practicing Engineers in the power Industry who are interested and meets the requisite academic and skills competences for such category of Membership.


Fellow Membership in the NIPE can increase its Recipients’ ability to network, tour plants and facilities, as well as be a resource in the Power Engineering industry globally.  

The Fellowship Grade is the highest Recognition Award of the Institution. Its recipients are expected to be above board and accepted worldwide as Power Engineering Experts. The Award confers on its holder the following:

  1. Authority on issues of Power Engineering practices
  2. Guru in his special area of power and an Icon in the Profession
  3. Authority on issues of Power Engineering practices
  4. Experienced beyond the neophyte level of knowledge/practice
  5. Respectable and Reliable technocrat in power industry
  6. A distinguished erudite personality in the power industry worldwide
  7. An accomplished professional with a repute


 Membership may be held by:

 Persons holding a COREN or NSE Certificate recognized by the Institution.

 Persons holding a Degree Certificate in Engineering recognized by the Institution.

 Persons holding a Nigerian Power Engineering Certificate of Competency recognized by the Institution.

 Persons engaged in the practice of Power engineering activities certified by the Institution.

 Persons enrolled in a recognized Power Engineering Academic program.

 Persons engaged in any industry allied with Power Engineering professional activity.

This includes working in a wide range of facilities such as:  Electrical Power generation coy, Transmission, Distribution, Marketing, Financing, Manufacturing, Building and facility operation, Energy recovery & Audit, Power System Operations and Planning, Power economy or Costing firms, etc


Power Engineering is a progressive occupation; a person must commence this profession at the lower classification, then, through time, experience, and education, he or she can advance to progressively higher levels of competence certification and Licensing.  NIPE endorses learning materials available from Training Systems Ltd, NAPTIN, and other technical groups in the industry who meets the criterion.  The Nigerian Institution of Power Engineers is the unified voice of Power Engineering Practitioners throughout Nigeria, it engages in submission of Technical opinion and Advocacy for a sound power Engineering culture. For NIPE, Professional Practice competence and Safety is our business and concerns.         

The Nigerian Institution of Power Engineers has began its necessitous process to become a federally chartered professional Institution/Association. The Institution is a professional organization made up of Power Engineers and people working in related fields.  Power Engineering, also known   as Stationary Engineering, was one of the first compulsory licensing occupations established.

OBJECTIVE:  The main object of the Institution is to promote the Continuing Professional Development and welfare of members of the Institution, undertake advocacy and provide an avenue for the implementation of its statue objects.  CLICK FOR MORE DETAILS


  • Cooperation with industry Stakeholders and Government Agencies in the development of Training Curriculum, Skills and Practitioners’ Competency evaluation and correspondence courses in Power Engineering practice, as presented or delivered by recognized entities and education facilities.
  • Development and presentation of interesting technical and social Chapter programs.
  • Representation and assistance in the continuing development of legislation in the industry, involving civic, States and Federal Agencies.
  • Provides the opportunity for Power Engineers to associate with personnel from the Power Engineering industry,
  • Bringing people and opportunities together for the exchange of knowledge and skills. Promote public awareness of the role played by the Power Engineers in our increasingly energy dependent economy.



The Institution of Power Engineers is a national organization with Chapters in most States capital and notable Towns and Cities across the federation of Nigeria. The Institution  website contains a newsletter section containing information concerning the profession. Topics may cover issues such as current events, legislation, technology, and education.

Each Member is affiliated with a Chapter of his/her choice. There are presently Forty-Two (42) Chapters across the federation of Nigeria resident in most major cities, which are grouped into 8 administrative Areas. Officers of the Institution are elected at each Chapter while the Institution is governed nationally by an elected Executive Committee Members elected lead by a President/National Chairman.  A Board of Trustee (Board of Directors at CAC) and Institution Council to oversee the performance of the Elected Officials while a Board of Fellows (BoF) scrutinises the particulars of persons to be adjudged fit as experts in the Industry.

Download Forms Below:

Completed forms should be sent to: fellowship@nipe.org.ng