Our Objectives


The establishment of the Nigerian Institution of Power Engineers (NIPE) was necessitated by the following reasons:

  1. To Provide of a veritable platform where Engineers in the Power industry can interact for the purpose of cross fertilization of Engineering Technological ideas, for the sensitization of Members on opportunities that abound in the Sector to enable them tap into same and networking, etc
  2. To Provide advisory & expertise services and advocacy initiatives on issues of power engineering & management to all necessitous participants and thus provides informed inputs that will aid the Nigerian PUBLIC take an informed position on Power Engineering issues as they may relate to sustainable national Infrastructure development.
  3. To serve as the reservoir of appropriate knowledge and promotion of professional Competence, Capability and Credibility for the development of the Power industry through innovative contributions, articulation and synthesis of same.
  4. To Provide the missing link which has not allowed Nigerians to benefit from the huge investment in the Nigerian Power Sector and thus address the issue of poor Power Management activities occasioned by political misadventure and policy somersaults by successive government in Nigeria.
  5. To pursue the review and subsequent approval of a national Policy on Power for the Development and effective Management of Power Infrastructures.
  6. To articulate necessary Codes of Practice and Ethical Standards for Power engineering professionals and enforce same for the good of the profession and industry
  7. To generate Codes and Standards of ALL materials, apparatus, equipment, erection and operational manuals of same in the Power industry.
  8. To formulate programmes and partnership plans (with local & foreign firms) geared towards skills and capacity development of Engineers; Workshops, Seminar and Conferences on Power Engineering & Management activities – Distribution, Generation, consulting, Contracting, Regulatory issues, Manufacturing, Marketing, Design, Planning, Construction, Operations, Maintenance, Research & Development and Management.
  9. To Midwife the promulgation of a new Power Sector Reform Act that will incorporate a Nigerian Content initiatives to enable Engineers in Nigeria to own or at least control the Sector so as to bring about indigenous manufacturing, research & development and sane Management.
  10. To establish Partnerships and Collaborations with relevant Power research and development institutions and Agencies within Nigerian and across the world. Ditto with the Federal, States, Local Governments, MDAs and private sector participants in the search for a holistic solution to power industry challenges.
  11. To provide technical support in the development of curricular and Educational content for Tertiary institutions as a way of bringing industry input into the academia and thus produce industry focused Power Engineers as against Electrical Engineering Science Graduates.
  12. To promote business relations, social activities, and mutual understanding among Power Engineers.
  13. To protect the interests and to assist in the advancement of her Members.
  14. To co-operate, in the interests of the profession with other Technical Associations and with Local Community and Councils, State, and Federal authorities.
  15. To formulate and promote a professional Code of Ethics for power engineers in Nigeria.
  16. To assist Power Engineers in the performance of their technical and civil duties generally.